Hey Soul Searchers! Thanks for joining my journey. We are living in some difficult t​imes but I want to encourage you to find the beauty in your broken space and use it to breath new life into your vision. Stay excited for all the great things to come. Please check out the official music video for BLOOD IN MY VEINS sponsored by Budget Music Videos and powered by ReverbNation.  The second single "Silly Love" from my forthcoming album "In My Mind"  drops 7.24.20

I can't wait to share this body of work with you!



Sadness. Confusion. Fear. Doubt. Rage. 

U N R E S T...

As artists I believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand for social change. Please share in our art as our official statement in solidarity from our hearts to yours.


“Kay Soul is a different sound. She’s unique and very poetic. Very classic yet modern R&B, Hip Hop & Spoken Word. I wish I could compare her to other singers, like a Jill Scott, but she’s in a whole different wave of her own.”

Kelvin “Kelvy” Wilson - 

The Dope Sessions Podcast, May 12, 2020