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Soulful Songwriter Kay Soul to Release New Single "Profit A Man" on April 14, 2023


Atlanta, GA - Kay Soul, the talented singer and songwriter, is set to release her latest single "Profit A Man" on April 14th. The highly anticipated release follows the success of her previous EP “Connections” which has earned her a growing fan base and critical acclaim.


"Profit A Man" is a heartfelt and introspective track that showcases Kay Soul's exceptional songwriting skills and powerful vocals. 


Profit A Man is a song that tells the story of being in transition. Exploring the mental anguish of believing in yourself when you look and sound nothing like the norm and not giving into societal pressures to be like everyone else. The song is based in biblical scripture to provide a resource for listeners to find comfort. Kay Soul states that “As a healing artist, I feel that it is my responsibility to use my voice to save souls. I'm commenting on the current state of the world being consumed with superficial things that can cause people to compromise their morals and values.  I'm calling it out and offering a resolution for our fears, worries and pains which is the word of God.”


"I am thrilled to share 'Profit A Man' with my fans," says Kay Soul. "This song is very personal to me, and I believe that it will resonate with everyone. It is a powerful message that I hope will inspire and empower listeners."


Kay Soul's unique sound and powerful messages have earned her recognition in the music industry. Her soulful voice and authentic lyrics have garnered attention from both fans and critics alike. With "Profit A Man," Kay Soul continues to prove herself as a talented and insightful songwriter in the soulful music scene.

"Silly Love" finds Kay Soul lamenting over past love with a resolve to change old habits. Kay delivers a poignant message of self worth, but also challenges listeners to reevaluate the way we allow other's to love us. Making us feel second best, when we deserve to be priority, is not an acceptable love.

Indie Music Reporter 

Kay Soul has a massive presence and volume, and she’s a savior for those who have ever doubted themselves or who are going through any kind of struggle in life. You can tell through Kay’s words and delivery that she’s been through more than the average person in her life so far, and this song is a breathing reflection of her beauty, courage, and tenacity. Kay Soul’s music will lift you up and take you on a journey of self-acceptance and unapologetic survival of the soul. If you haven’t dove into the works of Kay Soul there are plenty to check out!

Indie Music Plus​

After a year of growth and self-reflection, Kay Soul is back to show us the experience she’s gathered. Her new song “Blood In My Veins” tells the story of her struggles in discovering a unique healing process that would help her through past hurts. Kay Soul found her love for singing at church and references the bible in much of her music.


Kay Soul is a phenomenal singer and performer. Her presence and style reminds me of a young Phyllis Hyman and Roberta Flack. You will walk away knowing you just heard someone special. She's a true artist with a tremendous voice and I can't wait to hear more.”

- Todd W, Bring Back Soul Music Podcast (May 01, 2020)

“Kay Soul brings us a refreshing personality, she's ambitious and fun-loving. She invokes spectacular and timeless melodies, while still keeping her style modern and fresh. Her strong connection with music is easily audible in her single "What Love Can Do”. The power and soul in her emotionally-rich voice take us on a meaningful journey through her authentic songwriting ability. The R&B vibe in this finely-calibrated piece fuse perfectly with Kay Soul's passionate vocals.”

"By sharing her unique story and embodying an image of incredible power and positivity, Kay Soul h​as used her platform as an artist to cultivate a movement around positive body image and in the process has been an inspiration for those that struggle with the issue as well as an example of the power that comes from comfort in ones body."

- Leland-Co-Founder, SOS Music Media, January 15, 2018 

"Kay’s unwavering commitment to self-love is evident on the single “As I Am.” The track is fiercely unapologetic – with bold, envelope-pushing lyrics sung proudly over inspirational piano chords. “Just as I am! Just as I am!” she proclaims. “Your opinion of me, don’t mean shit to me. It won’t consume my mind. Just as I am! Don’t try to change me, twist and rearrange me” she insists, but in a way that feels hopeful – never rude or overbearing."

— Samantha Blanchard, Luxe Kurves Magazine, Sep 12, 2017 

"I love Kay Soul and her overall feel and image, not a lot of artists can pull off class and sass at the same time. We've been a supporter of her since 2014 and will continue to do so!"

- Mark Reid ,Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine

Kay Soul music brings her own unique style to the game. Combining elements of soul, spoken word and art; she is a true renaissance artist that conveys the full spectrum of the human experience in her work. The future is bright for Kay Soul and she continues to blaze her own trail towards greatness!

~ Jeff Smith, Y We Jump Off, Co-Host

"A soulful breath of Fresh air & culture. The perfect mix of Neo soul, Pop, & R&B. Her poetic sultry songs are amazing! Just press play."

~Lizzie P. , Rebel View Magazine, Editor & chief

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