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"Kay’s unwavering commitment to self-love is evident on the single “As I Am.” The track is fiercely unapologetic – with bold, envelope-pushing lyrics sung proudly over inspirational piano chords. “Just as I am! Just as I am!” she proclaims. “Your opinion of me, don’t mean shit to me. It won’t consume my mind. Just as I am! Don’t try to change me, twist and rearrange me” she insists, but in a way that feels hopeful – never rude or overbearing."— Samantha Blanchard, Luxe Kurves Magazine, Sep 12, 2017 

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"An outstanding and talented artist, ready to leave her footmarks in the music industry"

 ~ RapBeats.net

"Smooth 90.5 FM HD radio is very excited to have the song Old Friend played on our station. We have had so many request daily!  Great work Kay!"

 ~ Rob G, Smooth 90.5 WGSJBC Radio


"When I first heard the voice and music of Kay Soul, I was blown away. This is what I have been searching for in today's music, and could not find, real talent." 

~ April Thomas, I.A.M magazine

Kay Soul music brings her own unique style to the game. Combining elements of soul, spoken word and art; she is a true renaissance artist that conveys the full spectrum of the human experience in her work. The future is bright for Kay Soul and she continues to blaze her own trail towards greatness! 

~ Jeff Smith, Y We Jump Off, Co-Host

"A soulful breath of Fresh air & culture. The perfect mix of Neo soul, Pop, & R&B. Her poetic sultry songs are amazing! Just press play." 

~Lizzie P. , Rebel View Magazine, Editor & chief